COM API Bible Book Abbreviations

These abbreviations will be used in 4.0d Beta 3 and later.

The following list of Books and Abbreviations is supported by the “Bible” data type in the Logos 4 COM API. The “Abbreviation” is used as the value of the BibleReferenceDetails.Book property.

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Bible Book Abbreviation
Genesis Ge
Exodus Ex
Leviticus Le
Numbers Nu
Deuteronomy Dt
Joshua Jos
Judges Jdg
Ruth Ru
1 Samuel 1Sa
2 Samuel 2Sa
1 Kings 1Ki
2 Kings 2Ki
1 Chronicles 1Ch
2 Chronicles 2Ch
Ezra Ezr
Nehemiah Ne
Esther Es
Job Job
Psalms Ps
Proverbs Pr
Ecclesiastes Ec
Song of Solomon So
Isaiah Is
Jeremiah Je
Lamentations La
Ezekiel Eze
Daniel Da
Hosea Ho
Joel Joe
Amos Am
Obadiah Ob
Jonah Jon
Micah Mic
Nahum Na
Habakkuk Hab
Zephaniah Zep
Haggai Hag
Zechariah Zec
Malachi Mal
Tobit Tob
Judith Jdt
Greek Esther GkEs
Wisdom of Solomon Wis
Sirach Sir
Baruch Bar
Letter of Jeremiah LetJer
Song of Three Youths SongThr
Susanna Sus
Bel and the Dragon Bel
1 Maccabees 1Mac
2 Maccabees 2Mac
1 Esdras 1Esd
Prayer of Manasseh PrMan
Psalm 151 Ps151
3 Maccabees 3Mac
2 Esdras 2Esd
4 Maccabees 4Mac
Odes Ode
Psalms of Solomon PsSol
Epistle to the Laodiceans Laod
Matthew Mt
Mark Mk
Luke Lk
John Jn
Acts Ac
Romans Ro
1 Corinthians 1Co
2 Corinthians 2Co
Galatians Ga
Ephesians Eph
Philippians Php
Colossians Col
1 Thessalonians 1Th
2 Thessalonians 2Th
1 Timothy 1Ti
2 Timothy 2Ti
Titus Tt
Philemon Phm
Hebrews Heb
James Jas
1 Peter 1Pe
2 Peter 2Pe
1 John 1Jn
2 John 2Jn
3 John 3Jn
Jude Jud
Revelation Re

These additional books are supported by the “BibleLXX” data type:

Bible Book Abbreviation
1 Kingdoms 1Kgdms
2 Kingdoms 2Kgdms
3 Kingdoms 3Kgdms
4 Kingdoms 4Kgdms
Esdras A EsdA
Esdras B EsdB

Creating the list

The list above was created with the following C# 4 code:

dynamic book = app.DataTypes.GetDataType("Bible").Details.FirstBook;
while (book != null)
	Console.WriteLine("| {0} | {1} |", book.Render(), book.Details.Book);
	book = book.Details.NextBook;

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