Bug: Syriac text displays incorrectly

Syriac is improperly displayed with Logos version 4. Final forms of letters appear to be used at the beginning and middle of a word as well as at the end of the word. This problem seems only to occur in all resources that I have found (Peshitta, SEDRA3, BDB, etc...) that contain Syriac except the two Old Syrian Gospels texts and then only seems to occur when the letter has a diacritical or vowel point.

Software version: 4.0a Beta 3.
Reported by James W Bennett.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/p/4369/39747.aspx#39747
Status: wont-fix – This is a WPF bug that won’t be fixed until .NET 4.0 is released. See:

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