Bug: Ribbon Syncing lost

Lost customization of the Ribbon before going from B3 to B4 and only regained some of it going from B3 to B4, partly. I had “stopped showing” lectionaries, select preferred Bible, and a couple of reading plans. They all reappeared before I updated to B4 but “select preferred Bible” was moved to the end (right) after the install. Restarting was needed by another user in order for syncing to be effective, but had no on mine. I did wait for the syncing arrows to stop after installing B4 before I did the restart of L4

I have SR-7 running in a separate account and am using IPhone app and am running Vista.

Software version: 4.0a Beta 4.
Reported by Chris Elford.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/p/6862/53323.aspx#53323
Status: wont-fix Syncing Home Page preferences between 4.0 and 4.0a will overwrite the new 4.0a preferences (disabled sections).

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