Bug: No Bible search results after rebuilding index.

I did a fresh install of Logos 4, running 32 bit Vista under VMware. After doing this, the Bible search is returning no results, regardless of the query. Forcing a manual rebuild of the index doesn’t help.

Hmm. It actually looks to be a bit more subtle than this: it looks like the indexing is only indexing Calvin 500. I’ll find the logging info and investigate further.

In case it helps, what I did was
a) Install Logos 4
b) Receive the notification that Calvin 500 was available for download, with a Logos 3 upgrade file.
c) Try update now in Logos 4, without success.
d) Install Logos 3, get the Logos website to email me a license backup file, install that and install the Calvin 500 backup file.
e) Backup licenses to the Logos server
f) Update now from Logos 4 again.

I wonder if this sequence somehow messed up the indexer.

Hi Melissa.

Why invalid? (Should we be discussing this on forums? I’ll go open a thread there...)


Software version: 4.0b Beta 12.
Reported by Nigel Cunningham.
Status: invalid

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