Bug: Logos crashes when passage guide opened to particular verses

I opened logos 4. I went in passage guide to 8:4-15. Logos crashed and thereafter upon startup (since my settings have it opening to last layout), it crashes as soon as that passage guide starts loading. When it crashed the first time, it apparently had not yet saved the layout, so I could open it and I tried reproducing the problem by going to each of the verses in the passage guide (Luke 8:4, Luke8:5, etc) and no particular verse caused the crash. I then tried various ranges (Luke 8:4-8, Luke 8:8-15 etc) and those also did not cause the crash. I then tried specifically Luke 8:4-15 and it crashed again and this time it saved the layout so now it crashes upon opening.

Software version: 4.0c SR1.
Reported by Bosman Family.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/18203.aspx
Status: confirmed Called support; logs provided to development.

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