Bug: Fix libronixdls protocol upon startup if set to launch L3

Logos 4 should check that libronixdls protocol is set up correctly upon startup and fix it if not so that L4 and not L3 launches when the user clicks on a hyperlink. This problem occurs whenever a user has installed L3 after L4 (which they need to do, for example, if they buy any Libronix products and want to install them). It’s time to stop requiring users to fix this problem manually in the registry via the hack documented on the wiki. Most users are not comfortable mucking around in their registry, and we shouldn’t be encouraging it. Logos ought to be able to figure out if the libronixdls protocol isn’t pointing to itself and fix it (with possible query to user to check if that’s really what they want to do) if not. Please do this upon startup (and if users says “no” once, don’t keep asking each time). Judging by the number of confused users writing in on the forum about this problem, it is creating a customer support cost not to fix this.

Software version: 4.0c Beta 3.
Reported by Rosie Perera.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/t/15288.aspx
Status: fixed in 4.0d – You can manually run Logos4.exe /register to re-register it as the libronixdls: URL handler; see Hyperlinks for details.

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