Bug: Crash when creating or editing prayer list

UPDATE 2011-06-17 Adding logfile to bug report
1. I’m now running Logos 4.2b SR-1 and the problem persists.
2. Here’s what I did to cause Logos to abnormally terminate and capture log file:
a. Held [Ctrl] down when launching Logos (until Home window displayed);
b. Clicked on one of my Layout shortcuts (D);
c. Selected Prayer List (RWTs) from File menu;
d. Clicked “Add Prayer”; and
e. Clicked in text box of first empty prayer item (not sure if it was the new prayer item since there was an empty prayer item before this click).

Got new window:
  Title: Logos Bible Software 4
  Main body: Logos Bible Software 4 has stopped working. / Windows can check online for a solution to the problem. ...
  My response: I clicke on “Close the program” link and found the logfile which I will now try to attach (via “Upload Image” link or “Metadata” tab?). That didn’t work. I will now try to attach the log file to my post in Forum. (I think the link points to my post in wrong forum (Mac Beta forum). I am running under Windows 7.)

Logos 4.2 SR-2 crashes when using prayer lists as follows:

1. when I tried to delete an empty prayer item from a prayer list accessed via the File menu;

2. when I tried to create a new prayer list; and

3. when I tried to enter prayer data in a new prayer item.

Also, after restarting Logos 4, I do see my prayer list as first item in (the horzontally scrollable) list in the top right pane of the Home page. I don`t know if this is relevant.

I can’t seem to be able to use prayer lists in Logos 4 but would really like to!

Software version: 4.2b SR-1.
Reported by Rich Thirsk.
Forum link: http://community.logos.com/forums/p/25211/224710.aspx#224710
Status: invalid Waiting for add’l logs that include crash data. Logos 4 was probably restarted after crash before logs were attached.

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