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Help: Getting Started

The Help resource begins with a link to a video “Get Started with Logos 6” which is available on the internet on the Logos 6 Training page. This web page has several additional training videos as well as links to other training offered by Faithlife.

Homepage Getting Started option

The Homepage may be set to include “Getting Started” features. By default these are set on in a new installation but are usually turned off by the user once they have become familiar with the software.

To turn the feature on or off:

     1. Open the Customization Menu by clicking the gear icon on the far right of the Homepage Top Bar (just below the Toolbar).

     2. On the right hand side, click on the box labeled “Getting Started” to check items that you want to see and uncheck items that you don’t.

Below is detailed what is shown when “Getting Started” is checked in Logos, Verbum and Noet respectively.

Logos Homepage: Getting Started

Verbum Homepage: Getting Started

- image of homepage content & sidebar video links –

Noet Homepage: Getting Started

n/a: The Noet Homepage does not have a “Getting Started” feature.

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