BUG: Crash when start up Logos 4 since latest update on 2/18/2010


Since I got the latest update (~Thursday, Feb. 18), Logos 4 crashes when I start it up.

Steps to reproduce:

Just start up Logos 4.

Actual Result:

After a little churning, Logos 4 crashes.
It seems that the main window crashes when it is about to put up the home page, but the indexing continues.

In the attached zip file, I have the log files and a few screenshots showing the crash dialogs.
[Update: I couldn’t figure out how to upload files using this bug report editor in IE browser, so I will try e-mailing it to tech support.]

If I start with “Blank page” I can get into Logos 4 and use it as long as I don’t try to call up the home page.

Expected Result:

I expected Logos 4 to open up to the home page. (It’s ok that it did not make my coffee. ;)

System Specs:

Intel Core 2 CPU, T7200 (2.0 GHz); 2 GB RAM; Video Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset GMA 950, 1024x768; 110 GB hard drive; Windows XP, SP3; McAfee VirusScan (up-to-date)

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