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In Libronix the BDAG search utility was a powerful tool to search the various fields (surface, footnote, lemma, extdef, formeq, transeq) of that Lexicon. This particular tool is not available in Logos.

However, the search function can be duplicated by a Basic Search restricted to BDAG. For example: “About the Electronic Edition” in BDAG illustrated the power of searching fields to locate when “Jerusalem” was used as a formal equivalent. Simply click on “All Text” and a drop down menu was appear with the various search fields available for BDAG. This can also be used for all resources that have multiple search fields (most resources have surface and footnote).


The fields which can be search in BDAG are:

  • surface: will search surface text;
  • footnote: will search footnotes only;
  • lemma: will search for the lexical form of the word;
  • extdef: will search the extended definition, italicized in BDAG;
  • formeq: will search the bold glosses; and
  • transeq: will search the suggested translation of Greek quotations within the text. Search queries can be strung together with AND or OR operators.



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