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  • Add support for “Save to Passage List” from Factbook.
  • Add top Factbook results to the Omnibox.
  • Add a Factbook results section in All Resources search, as well as a new Factbook search type.
  • Enable navigating between resources in a series from the Omnibox. For example, if you are in the Genesis commentary volume in a series and enter a passage from Romans, the application will navigate to the appropriate volume in the series if possible.
  • The search bar on the Home page will now offer suggestions as elsewhere in the application.
  • Added Systematic Theologies and Recommended Reading Sections to Factbook.
  • Added a Today in Christian History section keyed to the Day of the Year.


  • Improved the tappability of buttons for resources on the library screen.
  • Enter select/edit mode when long-pressing a list in Library, Notes, and Passage Lists.
  • In addition to location, your Proclaim Groups are included when looking for presentations to follow.
  • Added a Feedback option to the Help menu.


  • Fixed passage list previews for whole chapter references (i.e. Romans 8).
  • Factbook and Guide links.
  • Various other fixes.

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