Android Reader


  • Updated UI
  • Change the drawer layout to come in from the right
  • Added the Store to the Verbum app


  • Remember previously used search options
  • Multiple words in offline search are now AND’d
  • Changing an offline search now cancels the previous search
  • Prevent many user collections slowing search initialization
  • User collections in the Search filter are now sorted
  • Show all user collections in Basic Search
  • Update Search filter list if user collections change
  • Fixed layout issues in the Search Passages screen
  • Improved Low Light mode
  • Open “Faithlife Groups” drawer menu item in Faithlife app or play store
  • Add “Sync your Data” to the Drawer menu to “sync now”


  • Fixed reference tab navigation popup
  • Fixed missing book covers in the Library
  • Display keyboard when using resource input popup
  • Search history is now retained across restarts
  • On the Text Comparison screen the verse picker is now on the left
  • Resource line height changes take effect without an app restart
  • Media Resources and Topics sections in the Passage Guide are fixed
  • Only show user collections containing Bible resources when performing Bible searches
  • Remove duplicated toolbar in Community Notes
  • Update the display when line spacing changes in view settings
  • Fix custom keyboard tabs height on phones with notches

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