Android Reader 6.0.1


Our Biggest Update Ever!

  • Tabbed Browsing: Open multiple books, tools and documents in tabs and navigate between them
  • Reference Scanner
  • Bible button
  • Simplified reading screen and navigation bar

The Power of Tabbed Browsing

  • Drag and drop tabs to reorder them, or swipe up on a tab to close it.
  • Split your tabs by tapping on the split icon to use two features in the same tab.
  • Link multiple Bible/Commentary tabs so that they scroll in unison.

Known Issues

  • Collapsing or expanding the BWS or Guide sections invoke the section controls
  • The section controls don’t appear/disappear when tapping the Text Comparison, Reading Plan, and Reading Plan Creation screens
  • The Android back button unexpectedly closes the app in many places
  • Text selections are dismissed after tapping the context menu
  • The section controls appear/disappear after tapping on the BWS circular graph
  • In Guides, when the top section control isn’t visible a white space bar appears
  • Using the Verse Picker’s back arrow exits the verse picker
  • Word Lookup includes punctuation
  • The visual cue reference locator is missing
  • The section controls can’t be invoked when viewing a media-only resource
  • The Groups menu item is missing (in the Bible app)
  • After viewing a Prayer List, tapping the back arrow exits the Prayers panel
  • Split-screen position isn’t saved after a restart
  • It takes a few minutes for scrolling Text Comparison to load after Signing in
  • The + icons to the left/right of the first/last worksheets aren’t visible on tablet size devices
  • “Navigation failed” appears when accessing FSB links (although the content opens as expected)
  • After closing a split-panel tab and opening another, the previous resource bitmap overwrites the “Open from the library” link
  • Presentations are missing in the Biblia app
  • Superfluous View Settings are still present

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