Android Reader 6.0.0

Known Crashes

  • The app crashes when creating a new split worksheet and tapping the link icon
  • Attempting to add a Guide to a split worksheet crashes the app
  • With Text Comparison open attempting to use the Verse Picker crashes the app
  • Attempting to Delete a Reading Plan might crash the app
  • The app might crash if too many worksheets are quickly created
  • Tapping on a Clipping reference link crashes the app
  • The app crashes when creating a new split worksheet and tapping the link icon
  • Tapping on a resource title in the Passage Guide’s Topics section crashes the app

Known UI Bugs

  • Various icons are missing in parts of the app
  • Various icon sizes and spacing are inconsistent
  • The icon shade isn’t consistent in some places
  • In Reader View page numbers are not centered
  • The Logos Basic splash screen pops up in some strange places
  • The Presentations panel needs some UI work
  • If the Kebab menu is the first thing clicked after an install, it might shift to the left after a few seconds
  • Device rotation with the kebab menu open leaves the worksheet misaligned
  • Fast page navigation swipes sometimes navigate the wrong direction
  • Tapping on a reference opens/closes the section controls
  • Entering a Note Title before toggling “Attach to Reference” doesn’t create the note
  • Offline search gives multiple results of the same verse whereas online doesn’t
  • Smart Text Selection only works when press-dragging through text
  • Tapping secondary reading plan links from the Documents panel always opens the first reading
  • If the number of highlights in a resource is more than 99 the third digit appears on a second line

Known Functional Bugs

  • If the LEB audio is played the audio controls don’t appear (stopping audio requires killing the app)
  • Resources can’t be opened from the Courses panel
  • Presentations don’t work on some Android versions
  • View Settings still shows non-applicable items
  • With Scrolling View turned off the two-finger scroll gesture navigates pages at a time
  • Attempting to add a note document to a split worksheet opens a new worksheet
  • In parts of the app there isn’t a way to dismiss the top/bottom menu panels
  • Changing an in-panel Bible resource doesn’t keep the navigation location
  • The Community Notes panel back button doesn’t work properly

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