Android Reader 4.5.0 Beta 5

The Android team is pleased to announce the 4.5.0 beta 5 release of the Bible, Biblia, FSB, Noet, Verbum and Vyrso apps.
If you have not yet signed up for the beta (or if you have not yet switched to downloading the betas via the Google Play store), we encourage you to do so! Instructions are here:

If you are already signed up for the beta via Google Play, you will automatically receive the beta update over the next few hours. If your device does not provide access to the Google Play store (e.g. the Kindle Fire), you may manually download the latest APK using the direct download links at the bottom of this page:

If you discover any issues please create a new post in the forums and include the following info:

Description – How were you using the app when the problem occurred.
App Info – Which app you are using. (Bible, Biblia, Faithlife Study Bible, Noet, Verbum or Vyrso)
Device Info – (Nexus 7, Motorola Triumph, Droid Bionic, Kindle Fire (1st gen))
Android Version – (4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0)
Included are the necessary beta download and Google Play beta tester opt-in links. The Google Play beta opt-in links are only accessible if you have previously been accepted to the Logos Android Beta Users Google+ community.

Important Notes

This beta requires Android 4.1 or higher.
This beta includes Faithlife account integration with the Android system providing single sign in across Reader Suite apps. Single sign in support for our other Android apps (Faithlife Mobile, Every Day Bible) is planned for the future, but not available yet.
There are several new permissions added in this release, all related to single sign in. Note that adding new permissions prevents automatic updates from Google Play; you must explicitly accept the new permission changes to receive this update.

Versions in this release

Biblia 4.5.0 (Build 418)
Bible 4.5.0 (Build 418)
Faithlife Study Bible 4.5.0 (Build 418)
Noet 4.5.0 (Build 418)
Verbum 4.5.0 (Build 418)
Vyrso 4.5.0 (Build 418)


Visual Filters for Notes and Community Notes


Various crashes

Known Issues

Attempting to open bundled resources results in “Missing license for resource”

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