Android Reader


  • Added a “Open Bible Word Study” button in the Word Info modal
  • Added the ability to open the lexicon by tapping the title in the Word Info modal
  • You can now add books to your print library by manually entering an ISBN, or by searching the Logos catalog (requires L10 license). Open the library and tap the new “Add to Print Library” button.


  • The Factbook hyperlink now reads “Open in Factbook”
  • Removed the “Look up” options in the Word Info kebab menu
  • Added the ability to minimize toolbars in Documents, Notes, Reference Scanner and Reading Plans Summary
  • Factbook localization


  • Localization issues in Document types
  • Choosing not to follow church presentations will not show the notification again
  • Don’t show the translation card if we are going to show a Word Info Card
  • Authentication issue
  • Deleting a note now goes back to the previous screen
  • Several crashes
  • Crash on startup
  • An occasional crash when using some commentaries
  • Fixed an issue where verse references weren’t pasting into notes
  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks where not clickable in notes
  • Fixed an issue where verse numbers weren’t showing when copying/pasting a Bible verse or passage
  • Fixed an issue where Quickstart Layout cards weren’t opening from the homepage
  • Fallback for unsupported locales

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