Android Reader


  • Report Typo option has been added back into the selection menu
  • The Auto Translation help page is localized
  • The version numbering scheme has changed. This app version is now called version 22.


  • “Translation” has been changed to “Bible” in the Passage List header
  • Text comparison will no longer highlight differences when the languages are different.
  • Improved the performance of reference detection in the notes tool
  • Increased the number of Bibles searched when using All Bibles


  • Fixed an issue where a line break in Notes would go to the wrong location
  • Fixed an issue where signing in with another account would show error message
  • Fixed an issue where the “Read Later” toast was showing up in the middle of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where the text in a Note would become illegible when deleting
  • Remove “Save as Passage List” button from the Search tool when there is nothing entered
  • “Follow Only” link set setting is retained when loading a saved layout
  • Sign in issue with multiple apps installed
  • Fixed an issue that prevented offline lexicon lookup in word info
  • Occasional sync issue
  • Duplicate note anchors in some places in the CSB
  • Fixed an issue where swiping to turn pages in paging mode wasn’t working
  • Fixed an issue where text selection was offset from the text on tablets

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