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Downloading updates

Until Logos provides a mechanism for telling us what is being downloaded we have to guess e.g. you will get used to the size of a software update, so anything smaller will be a resource update.

Request the Feature

Please consider adding your voice to the request for this feature: Add an Info window that tells you what is being updated. |

Before you Apply the Update

If it’s an update of the software, it would be documented under Release Notes on the wiki. Check Logos 4 Release Notes or Logos 4 Beta Release Notes for Windows & Mac.

If it’s an update of resources, it was most likely pre-announced in the Forums. Look through the “Recent Topics” for today (and even yesterday in case you haven’t logged on since the update was released) for a post with a subject along the lines of “Resource download (up to 283.94 MB) coming this afternoon.”

During download or Update – Check Logs

If Diagnostic Logging is enabled on PC (enabled by default on Mac), you can check open LogosIndexer.log file (whilst downloading or during indexing) in

Operating System Complete Log File Path (substitute your username for username) Quick Access Path
Mac OS X /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Logos4/Logging ~/Library/Application Support/Logos4/Logging
Windows 7/8 & Vista C:\Users\username\My Documents\Logos Log Files (My) Documents\Logos Log Files
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Logos Log Files My Documents\Logos Log Files

The Indexer log records file names and resource Id’s but note that only those with an LLS:xxxxx Id are library resources (paste the Id into your Command box to see its Title). On Mac OS X, opening log file defaults to scrolling contents as more line(s) written to log file.

After you Apply the Update

Check Library

Right click on a Library column header (e.g. Title), then click “Last Updated” to add that column to the Library display, followed by dragging column header to desired place (e.g. next to Title). Clicking “Last Updated” header sorts by updated date:

Check your Home Page

The Home Page has items titled New Version of Logos Installed and Resources Updated which you can check after the updates have downloaded and indexed. If you don’t see them make sure they are checked in the Customize menu and/or refresh the Home Page (press F5 in Windows, or (fn)-F5 in Mac).

 Note: These items may not appear on the same page.


Customize menu:


  1. Click on Customize in the bottom left corner of the Home Page.
  2. In the pop-up menu click on each of these items to have them checked. This will enable them to be shown in the Home Page.

Tag/star your Library

If you go through and rate all of your books with at least a single star; after future updates you can sort your library to check for books without a star rating to discover what’s new. On the downside, this method may not work if it’s just an update to existing books.

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