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Resources purchased through Logos (online)

In general you do not have to do anything to add new resources to your Library when you purchase them from Logos directly. Once you complete the purchase your user account is updated to show you have the license for the new resource. As long as you are online (with ‘Use Internet’ selected in Program Settings) all you’ll need to do is restart Logos for it to discover you need new resource(s) and begin the download, or notify you that updates are available – depending on the setting for “Automatically Download Updates”.
Sometimes it takes a while for Logos to recognize you are due a new resource, so be patient and occasionally restart Logos.

Resources purchased through other retailers (CD or DVD)

In this case Logos does not know you own this resource so you must take an extra step to get your user account updated. You have two options: (see Installing Libronix Books for illustrated steps)

  1. The easiest option is to call Logos Customer Services at 800-875-6467 during their business hours and ask them to activate your product. You’ll need the product key for this (please be careful to retain it. Do not discard any packaging that your product came in until you are certain you have the product key.) After Logos Customer Service activates the product you can follow the instructions above to get Logos to download your new resource.

Note: You can save downloading resources by putting the CD/DVD into your optical drive and using the Scan command to copy them into Logos – see Logos Commands for examples of the command. You will want to cancel the resource download when it starts or go to Program Settings and change ‘Automatically Download Updates’ to ‘No’. This will only work if the product has been activated.

  1. The second way saves a call to Logos. However it involves using Libronix to unlock your new resource and update your user account with the new license.

    1. If you have Libronix (Logos 3) installed, you simply load the new disc and follow the installation procedures as they come up on your screen. After the installer is finished, open Libronix, activate your product using the product key, and sync your licenses over the Internet. If not prompted to activate, close Libronix, run AutoUpdate.lbxupd from the disc (in the Setup folder), and then re-open Libronix, which should prompt for product key and license sync. You can choose to copy new resources into your Libronix installation. See below for saving the download of the new resources.

    2. If Libronix is not installed, you will need to install it. Insert the resource disc into your computer and follow the installation instructions. After the installer is finished, open Libronix with the disc still in your optical drive. Logos should ask you to unlock the new resource with the product key using the Internet. If it does not, go to Tools > Library Management > Account Summary. After unlocking the new resource, you will need to synchronize your licenses over the Internet (Libronix will ask if you want to do this). Note that you have to log into the same account as you use for Logos. Once completed you do not need to load the resources onto your hard drive unless you plan to use them in Libronix. Close Libronix and follow the instructions above to get Logos to recognize your new resource and download it.

                If you chose to copy resources into Libronix and added them onto your hard drive that way, Logos will automatically scan Libronix resources.

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