4.2 Beta 3

New Features

  • Library
    • Added a column that will display the “Last Updated” date for a resource. (Right-click on a column header to view list and select Last Updated.) This column will initially populate with the current date. In the future, whenever a resource file is discovered (new file or new version of an existing file), Last Updated will reflect that new date.
  • Print/Export
    • Added a preference so that resource printing/exporting will remember the last setting for column view (value is shared across all resources). The default is Auto.

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study
  • Parallel Resources
    • Opening the parallel resources menu (for a reference-based resource) should be much faster. (Headword-based resources are not affected.)
  • Print/Export
    • The column choosing behavior of resource printing and exporting should now more closely match paginated view. There may still be cases where adding a section with wide content will force a single column, however (see Known Issues). (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/24424.aspx)
  • Resources
  • Sentence Diagram
    • Text Flow diagram now uses correct Greek and Hebrew Font.
  • Syntax Search document
  • Text Comparison

Known Issues

  • Paged View
    • Content that is too wide for the optimal column width can force fewer columns. Scrolling past the wide content never restores optimal width columns. Toggling paged view or resizing the window will restore optimal width columns.
    • Tables which wrap across columns may exhibit missing borders or other drawing issues.
    • In right-to-left resources (e.g., Hebrew or Syriac), the columns are drawn left-to-right.

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