4.2 Beta 2

Logos 4.2 Beta 2 (v4.20.4.6276) was released on October 12, 2010.

Bug Fixes

  • Accessibility
    • In Copy Bible Verses, pressing Tab from Reference box will now move focus to the ‘Copy’ button, and then to the ‘Copy and Paste’ button.
  • Bible Word Study
    • Translation ring is generated correctly for lemmas with spaces (e.g., ‘עבד אדום’ in the AFAT).
    • Fixed bug preventing Translation section displaying when the BWS was launched from the Exegetical Guide or an original language Bible. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/24384.aspx)
  • Collections
  • Paged View
  • Passage Lists
    • Fixed bug that prevented “Find” (Ctrl+F) from filtering on references.
  • Resources
  • Search
    • Hovering over footnote in search results will display footnote text instead of Bible verse.
  • Syntax Search document
    • Fixed bug that caused the “Match contexts where this term ...” option for “Anything” to change back to the default “occurs at least once’ after switching to “repeats ...,” etc. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/23996.aspx)

Known Issues

  • Paged View
    • Content that is too wide for the optimal column width can force fewer columns. Scrolling past the wide content never restores optimal width columns. Toggling paged view or resizing the window will restore optimal width columns.
    • Tables which wrap across columns may exhibit missing borders or other drawing issues.

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