4.2 Beta 1

Logos 4.2 Beta 1 (v4.20.4.6028) was released on October 6, 2010.

New Features

  • Resource panel
    • “Show paged view” panel menu option available to toggle paged mode on or off. “Show paged view” will display more than one column, depending on the width of the panel (scrollbars removed). Paged mode is also available in Reading View.
  • Print/Export
    • Added “Send to New document” and “Paste in Open document” to export options.
    • Column printing/exporting implemented for resources.
  • Biblical People/Places/Things
    • Information and gallery panes auto hide in Reading View. (Note: If the focus is in the People/Places/Things textbox when reading view is executed, the top panel won’t auto hide until the focus is placed in the body of the panel.)
  • Data Types
    • Additional abbreviations for Bible data type implemented, including Pro for Proverbs, Mc-Micah, Hb-Habakkuk, Mar-Mark, Joh-John, Act-Acts, Pp-Philippians, Co-Colossians, Ti-Titus, Pm-Philemon, 1p-1 Peter, 2p-2 Peter, 1j-1 John, 2j-2 John, 3j-3 John, Jd-Jude.

Bug Fixes

  • Accessibility
    • Added tab stops to navigate pages in Search results.
    • Pressing “Enter” will run the currently-selected search on the previous query drop-down, after tabbing to the drop-down, pressing space bar (or Enter) to expand it and arrow down to previous search.
    • When tabbing from previous query drop-down, the focus correctly goes to the My Content expander.
    • AndersenForbesGenre data type used in the AFAT is corrected and fixes parsing issues. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/22564.aspx)
  • Indexer
    • The indexer is less resilient to certain types of errors (that indicate a critical error), and will crash sooner when an unrecoverable error is detected, making it easier to identify and fix the underlying problem. (Previously, it would have crashed at the very end of indexing.)
  • Library
  • Notes
  • Power Lookup
  • Print/Export
    • Verse references in exported Text Comparison passages are hyperlinked.
  • Resources
  • Search
  • Shortcuts

Known Issues

  • Paged View
    • Content that is too wide for the optimal column width can force fewer columns. Scrolling past the wide content never restores optimal width columns. Toggling paged view or resizing the window will restore optimal width columns.
    • Tables which wrap across columns may exhibit missing borders or other drawing issues.

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