4.1 Beta 2

Logos 4.1 Beta 2 (v4.10.4.2388) was released on July 20, 2010.

New Features

  • Guides
    • Print/Export supported for most sections of the Passage and Exegetical Guides and Bible Word Study.
  • Passage Lists
    • Passage Lists are now indexed and results are included in ‘My Content’.
  • Print/Export
    • “Bibliography Only” export has been integrated with Print/Export panel for Clippings and Collections.
    • Media resource Print function, on panel menu and context menu, has been moved to the Print/Export panel.
  • Sentence Diagram
    • “Merge | Split” to join or separate words added to tab toolbar.
    • Pagination support (pagination preview lines, page size options).
    • “Print/Export” added.
    • Text and line colors can be changed.
  • Shortcuts
    • Custom icons available. (More coming soon)
    • New shortcut data is being synchronized, with older versions prevented from downloading the new shortcuts.
  • Startup
    • Hidden resources are now documented in the Logos4.log. This may help both users and support staff to diagnose why a particular resource is missing.

Bug Fixes

  • Highlighting
  • Information Panel
  • Notes
  • Passage Guide
    • Fixed bug that reversed the article and book links in the Topic section.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Lectionary section to take a very long time to cancel after being started and collapsed.
  • Prayer List
    • Focus no longer moves to Tomorrow after checking off one of Today’s prayers.
  • Print/Export
    • Ctrl + scroll wheel now zooms in and out in print preview. Scroll wheel (without Ctrl) scrolls through pages.
    • Ctrl+plus and Ctrl+minus keyboard shortcuts also zoom in and out in print preview, and Ctrl+0 = Fit.
    • “Exported ...” footnote now includes a footnote marker.
    • Fixed bug that prevented gray text from appearing in print preview (such as resource names in search results).
    • Fixed ‘file not found’ exception when closing Print/Export panel during preview generation.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) when printing a Basic search with My Content or Topics sections expanded.
    • Fixed crash (KeyNotFoundException) when opening a resource’s Print/Export panel right after program startup.
    • Fixed crash (OutOfMemoryException) with a large export, such as a Basic search with thousands of results and “Visible Results Only” unchecked.
    • Hover tooltip added to see full printer name when it is too long to fit.
    • Widths are calculated better to avoid truncated images and odd text wrap.
  • Reading Plan
    • The “X” on the “Mark Read” bar of a Reading Plan’s visual filter has been removed to prevent inadvertent disabling of the filter.
  • Resource panel
  • Search panel
    • Arrow in lower-right corner of Morph selection drop-down will now appear when typing part of speech after @, as well as when selecting it from the list. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/18627.aspx)
    • Fixed bug that could cause a spreadsheet exported from a search to include the word “Loading...” in some of the cells. This could occur if “Visible Results Only” was unchecked and spreadsheet was saved before preview finished.
    • Heading fonts are the same size in Library Results and New Resources section.
    • Print is grayed-out in Print/Export when exporting search Analysis view.
    • Unchecking “Visible Results Only” in Print/Export no longer clears the search summary in the results panel (‘x results in y verses’).
  • Sentence Diagramming
    • Improved artwork and toolbars.
    • Improved performance of large diagrams.
    • Fixed bug that caused new font size to be reapplied after resetting back to default, then closing and reopening document.

Known Issues

  • Bible Word Study
    • The ‘Hebrew Words’ ring graph does not display the English glosses.
  • Resource printing
    • Location-based printing needs interface for printing multiple contents entries.
    • Preparing print layout for large reference ranges—for example, the entire book of Genesis—takes a long time.
    • Tables which span pages do not print all of the page-spanning cells’ contents.
    • Selection based printing that begins or ends with a partially selected table does not print the table.
  • Sentence Diagramming
    • Insert Passage does not layout text in RTL mode.
  • Wrapping columns do not always scroll outside of the document properly.

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