4.0d Beta 4

Logos 4.0d Beta 4 ( was released on June 15, 2010.

New Features

  • Search panel
    • Additional Morph Search fields available.

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study
    • Rich text in Septuagint Translation section has been optimized.
    • When using the “Send searches here” option, a search run from the Textual Searches section will clear the existing settings as appropriate.
  • Exegetical Guide
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) that could occur when running an Exegetical Guide on Ezekiel 36.
  • Graph Bible Search Results
    • Last used chart is remembered, rather than defaulting to ‘Bar Chart’.
  • Home Page
    • Fixed bug that caused the Lectionary hover popup to always display the Revised Common Lectionary (when hovering over the date and season) or the Catholic Lectionary (when hovering over the title of the day), even though the prioritzed Lectionary was displayed correctly on the ribbon.
  • Passage Lists
    • Passage Lists generated from a search of All Bibles will use the top three Bibles in priority order.
  • Reading Plan
    • Fixed bug that caused the Stop Reading and Keep Reading markers to be displayed before the beginning or end of a page in a non-Bible resource. (To confirm, enable ‘Show page numbers’ visual filter.)
  • Resource Panel
  • Resources
    • Fixed bug that caused footnote text to be copied and pasted incorrectly when pasted as Plain Text.
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Currently, font color is not supported, so colored text copied from a word processor will not include that color when pasted into rich text editor.
  • Search panel
    • Fixed bug that caused the “All Text” range to be empty after choosing style to search, closing search panel, and deleting that style. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/18257.aspx)
    • Fixed bug that caused individual book result numbers to differ from the total results when searching one resource.
    • Fixed bug that prevented a previous resource selection from being cleared when using “Search this resource” to search Entire Library.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) that could occur when decreasing size of search panel, or dragging right-most tab in a 3-panel layout to left side of screen.
  • Setup
    • Fixed bug in Logos4.msi that caused Windows Installer to delete the InstallDirectory registry key. This caused the Beta 3 update to install to default path rather than custom path. See Important Installation Notes below. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/18200.aspx)
    • Important Installation Notes:
      • Beta users who installed to the default location shouldn’t notice anything; it should act like a typical update.
      • Beta users who installed to a custom location and followed the instructions on the forum to restore their existing installations shouldn’t notice anything unusual, either; it should act like a typical update.
      • Beta users who let Logos 4 download a new copy of all their resources, etc. can continue on with that “new” installation to the standard location if they choose (see the next bullet point to restore “old” installation). When the Beta 4 version of Logso4.msi is installed, it will rewrite the InstallDirectory value to the Logos4 registry key, pointing it to the default location. Those who use this approach should delete their old, custom location install.
      • Or they can follow the instructions at http://community.logos.com/forums/p/18200/137730.aspx#137730 to restore their “old” installation. (In this case, they’ll be replacing the InstallDirectory string value with the path to the old location instead of writing a new string value.) They can then delete the “new” installation once they’re sure the old one is running properly—find the files in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Logos4 (XP) or C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Logos4 (Vista and Windows 7) and delete them all, with the exception of the Install folder.
      • All beta users should enable logging again: http://downloads.logos.com/LBS4/Installer/EnableLogging.js.
  • Universal Themes (Biblical People, Timelines, Handouts)
    • Reverted to 4.0c themes, pushing new themes to 4.0E

Known Issues

  • Home Page
    • Home Page consumes CPU and memory while it is closed.
    • Home Page overwrites preferences during new installation.
  • Resource Panel:
    • Hebrew vowels can be clipped in the reference text box.
  • Self Tests:
    • The courses in the Self Tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved.
  • Title bar
    • With Custom Chrome enabled in Logos 4 on a Windows 7 system, the “Logos Bible Software 4” title bar may be black with the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons not visible (the buttons are there and still work, but cannot be seen). The workaround is to enter Set Custom Chrome to No in the Command box.

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