4.0c Beta 6

Logos 4.0c Beta 6 (v4.03.3.8947) was released on April 23, 2010.

What’s New

  • Added “Automatic” to the text color palettes in the Highlighting edit style panel.
  • Added titles to separators on passage range selector in Search panel and on resource selectors in some documents, guides, tools, and resources (e.g., Bible harmonies).
  • Font updates: note that font installation is performed by the Logos4Prerequisites.msi file and will require elevation; an associated a UAC dialog may be displayed
    • Updated fonts:
      • New Athena Unicode
      • SBL Hebrew
      • LibronixApparatusFont
    • New fonts:
      • East Syriac Adiabene
      • Musnad Sabaic Unicode
      • LogosSymbolUnicode

Bug Fixes

  • Cited By
    • Fixed crash when selecting a user-defined collection under “Show Collections” on panel menu.
  • Exegetical Guide
    • Fixed bug that caused morph links in Word by Word to bring up Power Lookup instead of definition tooltip.
  • Highlighting
    • Adding/deleting a palette is now supported by palette specific visual filters.
    • Highlights which are applied to a non-existent palette or style now appear under the Visual Filter heading ‘No Palette’.
    • Label Text Capsules will now use black text for lighter colored backgrounds.
    • Refined the colors available from color selector drop-downs.
    • Removed space between number and percent sign for Label Text size.
  • Notes
    • “Sort” button has been moved to the Notes panel menu.
    • Fixed crash (Argument Exception) when opening an imported note that includes a reference to a data type that cannot be parsed.
    • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) that could occur when opening an imported note.
  • Passage Guide
    • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) pasting a portion of text from LLS:BECNT67CO1 into a Passage Guide note.
  • Passage Lists
    • Dragging and dropping a document on a Passage List panel adds the new tab as expected, and no longer appears to add the document to the list.
  • Program Settings
    • Reset Defaults now resets “Automatically Download Updates” and “Use Internet” to the correct default (Yes).
  • Resources
    • Fixed bug that caused some arrows in the inline interlinear to point in a different direction than the arrows in the interlinear pane.
    • Fixed bug that caused a footnote link in the ESV to bring up a keylink for Strong’s number when any interlinear lines were displayed.
    • Fixed bug that opened Power Lookup instead of NA27CAPP when an apparatus marker in NA27GBS was clicked.
    • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) in ESV that could occur when any Inline Display options, beside Surface, were enabled.
    • Glossary popups now appear in the Lexham Discourse Greek NT and Lexham High Definition NT: ESV.
    • Hovering over a word with notation (*) in the Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible now displays both the notation and the morphological information.
    • Improved speed of inline reverse interlinear display.
    • Rebuilt OpenText database to fix crashes when entering criteria in Syntax Search template.
  • Rich Text
    • Fixed bug that caused hyperlink auto-detect to fail with two adjacent references (e.g., Gen 1 Jn 3:4).
    • Fixed bug that created a false hyperlink when focus was moved from rich text editor.
    • Fixed bug that prevented resource hyperlinks from being preserved.
    • Fixed crash when manually adding a hyperlink that overlapped an existing hyperlink.
  • Search
    • “Bible Text” field has been removed from search field drop-box, as it is always searched in Bible Search, and in Morph Search (when resource is a Bible).
    • Fixed bug that caused Morph Search to return incorrect results when Passage List reference range had mixed data types.
    • Fixed bug that caused Passage List reference range to be ignored in Bible Search if range contained non-Bible references only.
  • Syntax Search Document
    • Fixed crash (ObjectDisposedException) caused when a document is deleted with panel open. The panel will now close before the document is deleted.
    • Syntax Searches that include Louw-Nida (LN) domains will return correct results.

Known Issues

  • For Self Tests:
    • The LDLS3 version of M2120SW.lbxlls (from 2005) needs to be replaced by an updated version. Otherwise, opening Exam 4 will cause Logos 4 to crash.
    • The courses in the self tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved in Beta 6.

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