4.0c Beta 3

Logos 4.0c Beta 3 (v4.03.3.8401) was released on April 9, 2010.

What’s New

  • Passage Lists will use preferred Bible by default.
  • Passage Lists saved from a single Bible Search will display the content from that Bible. Passage Lists saved from a multiple Bible Search will display the content from the first three Bibles searched.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in “Concise Theology” that would display Bible references as Images on the context menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented page up/down or spacebar navigation after arrowing to next parallel resource.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the ‘Stop Reading’ Visual Markup from appearing for final reading in some resources.
  • Fixed bug that caused a Reading Plan Visual Markup to indent the first verse below the markup.
  • Fixed crash (XmlException) that occurred when selecting Ugaritic text if another resource is open that has the Sympathetic Highlighting visual filter enabled.
  • Search Shortcuts remember details of specific search command dragged to shortcut bar (e.g., ‘Search for “some text” in Top Bibles’).
  • Word Find image will no longer take up entire page of Handout.
  • All Document titles inside the document panel now wrap instead of clipping the text.
  • In Highlighting:
    • Borders & Lines selection lines in edit style panel now have tooltips (e.g., Left Margin, Top Border, Strikethrough, etc.).
    • Borders & Lines thickness numbers have been replaced with a line thickness preview.
    • Buttons in edit style panel sections now have more definition.
    • Default Border type is now set to ‘Solid’.
    • Changed labels in Label Text section to include the word “Text” (i.e., ‘Text Before’, ‘Text After’, ‘Text Above’, and ‘Text Below’).
    • Color choosers now have drop-down arrows and are right-aligned when combined with a radio button.
    • Fixed Label Text so that text size applied to one (Before, After, Above, or Below) does not affect the others.
    • Image Opacity drop-down now has a tooltip, and ‘0%’ has been removed.
    • Previews now have a more consistent size and appearance.
    • Reduced padding of the ‘Bubble’ Label Text style.
    • Shortcut key letters are now displayed as uppercase on context menu.
    • Shortcut keys are now displayed next to their assigned style.
  • In Passage Lists:
    • Auto-scrolling is now working in Passage Lists when there are enough verses to need a vertical scrollbar. Verses can now be dragged and dropped above or below the visible area.
    • Final step (3.) added to Passage List Merge drop-down indicates that “A new list will be created without modifying the original lists.”
    • Improved reference rendering in Passage Lists (i.e., references will use light font weight as in search results).
    • Merge type and title of documents to be merged are used to create the name of the merged document.
    • Names of Passage List documents saved from a search use the abbreviated resource title (i.e., “majesty in ESV”).
    • Passages are now aligned below version title.
    • References can be dragged from all search result views to Passage Lists.
  • In Rich Text Editor:
    • A valid ‘libronixdls:’ URL to a resource location is now supported in the same way as ‘http:’ in the Hyperlink box. (See Known Issues for Clippings caveat.)
    • A valid Bible reference within parentheses is now auto-detected in a note; e.g., (Gen 1).
    • Fixed crash that occurred when undoing dragged/dropped text, or when undoing deletion of hyperlink via backspace.
    • Formatting is no longer lost when pasting text or web content into a note (e.g., bulleted or numbered lists).
    • Hint text (such as ‘Content’ in note) now disappears when only a bullet or number (for bulleted or numbered list) has been added.
    • Hovering over Bible reference that’s been changed in Hyperlink box now displays correct verse. (E.g., changing the ‘1’ in front of ‘Kings 1:1’ to a ‘2’, now correctly displays ‘2 Kings 1:1’ instead of ‘1 Kings 1:1’.)
    • Non-button rich text toolbar controls now have tooltips; e.g., Font, Font Size, Address (Hyperlink).
    • References are no longer lost when pasted or dragged and dropped into a note.
    • Single-line rich text (such as a note title) does not support formatting, and these options are now grayed-out for that line.
  • In Search:
    • ‘All Text’ drop-down list displays instantly, or shows working indicator if list needs to be regenerated.
    • ‘All Text’ drop-down only shows search fields that have descriptions; description has been added for Author field.
    • ‘All Text’ drop-down remembers collapsed/expanded state of sections, and checking a section box or ‘All’ does not cause a section to collapse or expand.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Search UI to hang due to Passage List rendering.
    • Fixed bug that caused the text range to be reset to ‘All Text’ after searching specific search field(s), then closing and reopening the Search panel, or choosing previous search from history.
    • Fixed bug that prevented return to ‘All Text’ choice after selecting a search field for one resource, then changing to another resource without any indexed fields.
    • Highlighting search field names are no longer abbreviated after space, so Solid Colors are more easily differentiated (i.e., ‘Blue Foreground; Blue’).
    • ‘Search field’ selections are no longer persisted when switching to other search types.

Known Issues

  • For Self Tests:
    • The LDLS3 version of M2120SW.lbxlls (from 2005) needs to be replaced by an updated version. Otherwise, opening Exam 4 will cause Logos 4 to crash.
    • The courses in the self tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved in Beta 3.
  • For Rich Text Editor:
    • The font style is sometimes modified when copy/pasting within the rich text editor.
    • In a Clippings document, although it seems to accept a libronixdls: URL, it doesn’t function—cursor doesn’t change to a hand with Ctrl key down.

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