4.0c Beta 2

Logos 4.0c Beta 2 (v4.03.3.8065) was released on April 1, 2010.

What’s New

  • Import Logos 3 Passage Lists (Verse Lists) using the Import Passage Lists or Import All commands.


  • Label Text highlighting can now be applied Above and Below text, in addition to Before and After text.


  • Sort button has been added to the Notes document toolbar, next to ‘Compact View’. Clicking this will sort notes by reference.

Program Settings

  • Added Swedish UI Language choice. (To change UI in Command box, enter uilang sv.)
  • The number of Resources has been added to the results count in Basic and Bible Search results. (E.g., “179 results in 171 verses in 1 resource” or “26,676 results in 11,986 articles in 389 resources.”)


  • Added “Next” and “Previous” buttons to Library slide show
  • Added transition animation to Library slide show

Bug Fixes

  • “Add passages from ... a file” now shows the supported file types (‘Text Files’ and ‘All Files’) in the ‘Files of type’ field.
  • Added space to separate ‘results’ and ‘in’ in Search results panel (e.g., ‘24 results in 12 articles’)
  • Auto-scrolling is now working in the program wherever there is a list of items long enough to need a vertical scrollbar (i.e., Favorites, Guide Templates, Handouts, and Library Prioritization). Items can now be dragged and dropped above or below the visible area.
  • Color changes to image highlights no longer require closing and reopening the resource.
  • Cursor now changes to hand when hovering over Library Slideshow book cover and title.
  • “Expensive” queries (e.g., searching for *) now use less memory.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the app to crash with an ArgumentOutofRangeException at Library Slideshow.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the app to crash with an ArgumentOutofRangeException when searching for text with a custom highlight.
  • Fixed bug that could cause words to run together in verse content added to a Passage List.
  • Fixed bug that caused a reverse interlinear pane to not move with reference change after clicking on another resource tab in same panel.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Library Slideshow to crash the app if there were no resources in Library.
  • Fixed bug that caused the pronunication information in a dictionary definition copied from the Information panel to display a unicode character.
  • Fixed bug that caused the message “No parallel resources” to appear in place of the Parallel Resource Set working indicator.
  • Fixed bug that prevented availability of parallel resource sets for Collections that contain Clause Visualization type resources.
  • Fixed crash in Reading Plan when backspacing content in any of the duration text boxes (i.e., ‘weeks’, ‘sessions’, ‘verses’).
  • Fixed crash in the “Logos Deluxe Mapset” when clicking on map thumbnails on Overview page or on previous and next arrows on a map page.
  • Improved performance of pasting complex text, including valid URLs, into a Note.
  • Improved speed of reverse interlinear resources (by a little in the OT, and a lot in the NT).
  • Left most thumbnail, on Biblical People bottom strip, is no longer cut off when hovered.
  • “Lexham English Bible” metadata has been fixed so the LEB will be available in expected locations, such as the ‘All parallel resources’ Parallel Resource Set in an English Bible.
  • “Lexham Greek-English Interlinear Septuagint” (version 2010-02-24) now includes the book of Isaiah.
  • ‘Lexval’ and ‘literal’ search fields in the “Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible” will now be indexed, resulting in search hits for glosses. A full re-index may be necessary.
  • New Highlighting styles are now added to the custom palette that is right-clicked, rather than the last palette.
  • Notes added to a dictionary headword now display the note indicator in the dictionary and in parallel dictionaries.
  • Passage List text will wrap and no longer be clipped when panel width is decreased.
  • Passage Lists will now use the same index (Bible vs. Library, main vs. supplemental) that the Search panel is using to display results.
  • Printing a Handout to ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ now creates only one .xps file that includes both pages of handout.
  • Resource panel has a new style button to close the locator bar to help distinguish from the panel close button.
  • Small Caps font styles now preview correctly in the Highlighting panel.
  • Self test radio buttons cannot be selected when not clicking directly on a possible answer or radio button.
  • Self test tool panel now displays a message if no self tests have been started, rather than opening up blank.
  • Syntax Search document: the morph picker pop-up window stays open and all items in column are selected when morph field heading (e.g., Stem) is clicked.
  • Syntax searches for Syntactic Force items in the Lexham SGNT will now generate results.
  • For Rich Text Editor:
    • Backspace at the end of a hyperlink will delete the hyperlink.
    • When pasting, the entire chunk of text is searched for auto-detect hyperlinks.
    • Cursor no longer jumps to random locations in the document after paste.
    • When the rich text editor loses focus (e.g. tab between title and content in note) auto detect will run on the last word the cursor was adjacent to.
    • Images and other unsupported content are removed on paste.
    • Hyperlink auto-detection will now work across multiple text element runs, that is the string “Gen 1” with a bold ‘e’ will be auto detected.
    • Ctrl-Z in a newly opened note will not remove the note content.
    • Fixed several app crashes induced by pasting specific content into the notes rich text editor
    • Hyperlinks will be preserved when copy/pasted within the rich text editor.

Known Issues

  • For Self Tests:
    • The LDLS3 version of M2120SW.lbxlls (from 2005) needs to be replaced by an updated version. Otherwise, opening Exam 4 will cause Logos 4 to crash.
    • The courses in the self tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved in Beta 2.
  • For Rich Text Editor:
    • The font style is sometimes modified when copy/pasting within the rich text editor.

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