4.0c Beta 1

Logos 4.0c Beta 1 (v4.03.3.7605) was released on Thursday, March 18, 2010.

What’s New

  • Passage Lists (was Verse Lists in Logos 3)
  • New “full screen” Reverse Interlinear display for ESV, KJV 1900, RVR60, and LAKEAF. This feature requires new versions of the underlying resources. (More interlinear versions will be released in Beta 2.)
  • Self tests (see known issues). Requires resources and licenses that use this feature (e.g. AM Bible Courseware)


  • Clippings will now use the Notes font setting as its default font.
  • Save as Passage List added to Clippings document panel menu.


  • Shortcut key chooser added to Highlighting context menu.

Home Page

  • Added Library Slideshow to homepage.


  • Added a “Compact View” button to Notes document toolbar. Clicking it will collapse or expand the Content of notes, essentially providing a list of note titles.
  • Save as Passage List added to Notes document panel menu.

Passage Guide

  • Passage Guide topics section now has 3 available views (Tags, Cloud, and List).

Resource Panels

  • Next/Previous verse navigation in resources is now more intuitive.
  • All Text (Search Fields) drop-down in Basic/Bible/Morph Search panels allows you to choose available data type reference, highlight, etc. to constrain a search.
  • Added Save as Passage List to Panel Menu.

Text Comparison

  • Instant Compare (F7) now works with current milestone in a non-Bible (such as a commentary), or when hovering over a Bible reference in a non-Bible.

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for [FullBookName], [ShortBookName], and [ChapterNum] in Header and Footer in custom Copy Bible Verses style.
  • Basic Search, with search field specified, will respect the narrow search and not generate results for Topic and My Content sections.
  • Changed ‘x’ to remove items from the ‘Minus these resources’ list in Collections pane to the red ‘delete’ style from the ‘close’ style.
  • Collection resources are now correctly sorted by title (after author and year) when exporting to bibliography.
  • Copy Bible Verses remembers its last floating window size and position when the global shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+B) is used to open it.
  • Disabled text alignment buttons for note Title, as only left-aligned text is supported for Titles, and center or right-aligned would cause a Title to disappear.
  • Fixed bug that ignored Collection choice for Definition section in Bible Word Study. (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/10807.aspx)
  • Fixed bug in Exegetical Guide Word by Word section which prevented results for a resource with missing alignment data. (E.g., ‘NRSV OT RI’ for Ps 6 or 51. This resource has also been rebuilt to contain the alignment data.)
  • Fixed bug with Morph Chooser, in Morph Search and Visual Filter, that could cause a delay in displaying the morph codes on some machines.
  • Fixed bug in Home Page that would prevent a prioritized devotional excerpt from appearing on the home page if the content was extremely short.
  • Fixed crash that would occur if the program couldn’t open a resource (e.g., if resource file was missing) used in the Passage Analysis tool.
  • Hebrew now renders properly (right-aligned) in Passage Lists.
  • In the Help pane, “Find” results won’t be concealed by the Find box.
  • Identified lemma search bug in Targum Onqelos.
  • Named Layout thumbnail date is updated after ‘Update to current snapshot’ is applied.
  • Passage Guide sections without content and grayed-out can now be collapsed.
  • Prayer List Notes now wrap to more than one line when you hover over prayer on home page ribbon.
  • Resource information pane will close when the resource is navigated, e.g., when clicking on a search result link to the resource.
  • Section headers in the Guides, Explorer, and Cited By can now be collapsed/right clicked on when they have no content.
  • Headwords entered in the Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary now jumps to the correct article match rather than the first article with a variant. (E.g., ‘moro’ jumps to ‘moro’ instead of ‘mora’.)
  • Fixed bug that caused problems in panels which dock to a sidebar (such as Information, Explorer, CBV) when they were floated and docked from context menu. (E.g., Information panel Settings and update on hover wouldn’t work.)

Known Issues

  • Adding a new Display line to a reverse interlinear resource is very slow; this will be fixed in an upcoming beta.
  • LDLS3 Verse Lists cannot be imported; this will be fixed in an upcoming beta.
  • For self tests:
    • The LDLS3 version of M2120SW.lbxlls (from 2005) needs to be replaced by an updated version. Otherwise, opening Exam 4 will cause Logos 4 to crash.
    • The courses in the self tests tool are collapsible, but the settings are not saved in Beta 1.

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