4.0b Beta 8

Logos 4.0b Beta 8 (v4.02.3.6362) was released on Tuesday, 9 February 2010.

New Features

  • “Export” changed to “Export to Bibliography.”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash (WebException) when downloading resource metadata from server.
  • Fixed crash (NotSupportedException) when picking an incompatible image for a Highlighting style.
  • Fixed crash (ArgumentException) editing a Highlighting style.
  • Fixed crash (ArgumentNullException) editing a Highlighting style.
  • Fixed crash (ObjectDisposedException) when catching up a reading plan.
  • Fixed crash with some custom Copy Bible Verses styles.
  • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) when deleting a Syntax segment that agreed with another segment.
  • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) when creating a handout that used a clipping from a resource that is not available.
  • Fixed problem with navigating to parallel resources from a lectionary resource.
  • Fixed various errors in creating the HTML and RTF bibliography export files.
  • Exported Bibliography is now sorted.
  • Export to Bibliography remembers the last selected file format.
  • Highlighters with margin borders now render correctly when combined with other line options.
  • Search modifiers for markup (e.g. [highlight Yellow]) now correctly find the style’s title, and allow approximate matches.
  • Search analysis now saves settings based upon the the column set (i.e., when searching ESV there will be 3 sets of settings: OT results, NT resuts, and OT & NT results). If two Resources have identical columns, the settings will also be used (e.g. NA27 and NA27 Int.).
  • Fixed reading plan jiggling and using a lot of cpu.
  • Fixed problem copying reading plan reference ranges that have repeated readings.
  • Improved paragraph rendering for Copy Bible Verses.
  • Clippings tags are now searchable using “mytag:” syntax.
  • Prayers with no prayer name do not show up on the home page ribbon.
  • Fixed the Copy command in the context menu and command bar so it copies from the preferred Bible.
  • A maximum date is set on the reading plan end date selector to match the internal size limit.

Known Issues

  • The versemap that was used for parsing may not be shown.
  • Pasting text into a note loses all paragraph formatting.
  • Notes cannot be reordered with drag/drop.

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