4.0b Beta 7

Logos 4.0b Beta 7 (v4.02.3.6040) was released on Monday, 1 February 2010.

New Features

  • Highlighting Palettes and Styles can be created and edited
  • Collections and Clippings documents can be exported to a bibliography (use Export... on the panel menu)
  • Updated resources which are slow to apply highlights will improve after the first new highlight application
  • If sync fails, the sync icon (in the top right) will change to an “error” icon
  • The term suggestion popup does not appear in “Search (while typing)” mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) when clicking Parallel Resource Sets button
  • Fixed bug (indexing the TNIV) that prevented phrase searches from working; you must run rebuild bible index if you’re affected
  • Fixed bug causing NA27 apparatus links to open Power Lookup
  • Fixed bug where note attached to a devotional would be attached to the day of the year, not the specific devotional article (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/8621.aspx)
  • Fixed bug causing morph categories to be repeated (on the right hand side of the +/- icon) in Exegetical Guide
  • Fixed bug preventing resource information tooltip from being displayed in Passage Guide if the resource title was clipped (http://community.logos.com/forums/p/10650/83974.aspx#83974)
  • Find bar in Clippings now also searches resource title
  • Morph part information is displayed on hover in the Exegetical Guide
  • Fixed Westminster Hebrew verb stems being cut off in Morph picker
  • Fixed bug that could leave “holes” in the layout when a panel was closed
  • Fixed a bug in index merging

Known Issues

  • The preview in Highlighting may not exactly match the selected style settings
  • The versemap that was used for parsing may not be shown
  • Pasting text into a note loses all paragraph formatting
  • Notes cannot be reordered with drag/drop

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