4.0b Beta 4

Logos 4.0b Beta 4 (v4.02.3.5512) was released on Monday, 18 January 2010.

Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a command bar setting to disable the home page (“Set show home page at startup to false”)
  • Added “Filter Highlight” resource navigation option to navigate to the next/previous visual filter highlight
  • Added M’Cheyne Reading Plan option in the reference range selector; it makes the plan for the year of the starting date, and overrides all other time options
  • Added Reverse Interlinear section to Resource Info page
  • Additional commands are now supported: Rebuild Bible index, Rebuild library index, Merge library index
  • “All parallel resources” set shows the built-in parallel resources
  • Allow duplicate verses in bible reading plans, so reading Psalms,Psalms will read through Psalms twice
  • Collections can now be excluded from Parallel Resource Sets
  • The current parallel resource set can now be chosen by clicking the column header
  • New icons for ‘Update Now’, ‘Update Resources’, ‘Start Reading Aloud’, and ‘FSD’ commands
  • LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys now flip through the resources in the current Parallel Resource set
  • “Speed search” renamed to “Search (while typing)” to better convey its functionality; it is no longer the default
  • Use command “uilang en” or “uilang es” to switch to English or Spanish UI. (Restart required)

Bug Fixes

  • Combined Show Favorite Bookmarks option and Show Auto Bookmarks option into one option
  • Copy Bible verses no longer crashes if invalid rich text is generated
  • Copying Bible text from a Bible resource now includes the reference in the bibliographic citation (as in LDLS3)
  • Default Syriac Font setting in Program Settings is respected
  • Footnote markers aren’t copied when footnotes aren’t copied
  • Search (while typing) clears output when Search field is cleared
  • Improved reference/text input handling, especially in Cited By
  • Indexer checks contents of downloaded files for corruption; the download will be retried on failure
  • Automatic update system retries failed downloads at startup.
  • Resources opened from the Parallel Resource drop-down now navigate to the correct location
  • Strikeouts in the Text Comparison tool no longer extend to the first letter of the next word
  • Synchronization happens less frequently
  • Synchronization sends less data in each packet by default
  • Fixed incorrect Bible Word Study link on context menu in Exegetical Guide
  • Fixed bug preventing “Default Sans Serif” setting being saved
  • Fixed bug that could prevent resources (that had failed to download once) from downloading again, even when running “update resources”
  • Fixed the left and right context columns in the Example Uses section for original language words
  • Text that was missing from the end of some verses in the Text Comparison tool is now shown
  • Fixed bug preventing the reverse interlinear data in the last verse from being indexed
  • Fixed bug in syntax search that prevented exclude morph values from being included in the search data. (e.g. @N???[^M] was not working but @N???[CF] would)
  • Fixed Home Page crash related to media searching
  • Fixed crash in Passage Analysis when switching to Morph River (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/9905.aspx)
  • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) in Cited By when resource metadata was downloaded from server in background (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/9828.aspx)
  • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) editing terms in Syntax Search (http://community.logos.com/forums/t/9415.aspx)
  • Fixed crash (NullReferenceException) editing the guide template for a deleted guide (http://community.logos.com/forums/p/9001/71563.aspx)

Known Issues

  • Search Analysis does not respect the current column settings when exporting
  • The versemap that was used for parsing may not be shown
  • Pasting text into a note loses all paragraph formatting

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