4.0b Beta 12

Logos 4.0b Beta 12 (v4.02.3.6914) was released on Wednesday, 24 February 2010.

New Features

  • Every note type now supports user-editable titles.
  • Note import now preserves the original note’s title, rather than combining it with the note text.
  • Context menu Add note now respects the selected tab to influence note attachment.
  • Added ability to add a note to a reference range.
  • Since “rebuild index” is used to recover from index corruption, this command now deletes the existing index when it is executed. Searching will not be available until the index is rebuilt.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Text Comparison preventing resources from changing when the reference changes.
  • Commentaries section can now be added to Passage Guide multiple times.
  • Renamed “Revert to template” to “Delete this guide” to more accurately represent the action that will be taken.
  • Fixed crash (InvalidOperationException) when working in Highlighting.
  • Fixed crash that happened when clicking on the Parallel Resource Sets button if the active reference was a Page Number.
  • Fixed margin issue in Clippings and Notes.
  • Fixed bug that prevented scheduled prayers from appearing in the Home Page
  • Fixed bug that prevented small caps from being previewed in Highlighting tab.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Exclude from parallel resources from syncing.
  • The “rebuild index” and “merge index” commands now function correctly when dragged to shortcuts bar.
  • Fixed rendering error in vertical display of “Verses” Bible Search results when some parallel resources did not contain the verses from the results (e.g., Bibles that do not have the apocrypha).
  • Fixed bug that prevented Copy Bible Verses style from being applied when paragraph (<p>) wasn’t closed in the header. Now if the header and footer have the same custom style, it applies the style to the paragraph element as well.

Known Issues

  • “merge index” can still introduce index corruption under certain circumstances.
  • Multiple Commentaries sections in the Passage Guide are all labelled “Commentaries”.
  • The versemap that was used for parsing may not be shown.
  • Pasting text into a note loses all paragraph formatting.
  • The notes document may unexpectedly scroll after reordering a note by dragging it.
  • If you do a search and in settings set Search Bookmarks to No, then back to Yes the search bookmarks won’t be updated until a new search is performed.

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