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Data Errors
Incorrect Types
Title Capitalization Errors
Cover Images
Individual Resources or groups of resources

Author Inconsistencies
Publisher Inconsistencies
Citation Inconsistencies
Subject Inconsistencies

Missing/Incorrect Subjects

Suggested Changes to Logos Standards

Errors Dependent on a resource update

Note: when Logos addresses a reported error, it will be moved here.

Data Errors


  • running a search on Œhypocrite¹ and found the following: ³Search ALL TEXT in NIV ³APPLICTION² instead of ³Application²
  • Please add common abbreviations in parenthesis after publisher names (JPS, PBI...). This simplifies library filtering and collection rules considerably.

Incorrect Types

  • Hunger No More: A 1-Year Devotional Journey Through the Psalms (Vyrso) – type should be Calendar Devotional

Title Capitalization Errors

  • Citation capitalization works a little differently from library title capitalization—stand by for a long-winded explanation.
    • We have a set of guidelines for library titles, and it breaks down to ‘Capitalize everything except conjunctions, prepositions, articles, etc...’ we actually have a list somewhere of every word that does not get cased, and we have tools in place to help with casing.
    • Citations, on the other hand, are constructed using the citation builder Zotero. Zotero uses a slightly different set of title casing standards, but more importantly, it adjusts its casing standards based on which style guide you select from the dropdown. This only works if you input sentence cased titles. For a while, we tried take advantage of this feature. That way, if you’re citing in APA style, you’ll get a sentence cased title as APA prefers, and if you’re citing in CMS, Zotero will auto-title case it into something that CMS prefers.
    • It turns out that sentence casing things is way harder than title casing them. Not only do you need context to identify proper nouns (a literal dahlia? Or someone named Dahlia?), but English has a ridiculously long laundry list of things that aren’t proper nouns but still need to be capitalized. Like adjectives based on proper nouns. This is why neither Zotero nor Logos has tools to sentence case. And trying to come up with consistent documentation for human reference was just as bad. It was the acronyms that broke me. There’s nothing sadder than an acronym that has been mistakenly lowercased.
    • So some existing resources contain legacies of our experimentation. We opted not to go back and clean them up, because of the difficulty and because they are technically more functional than our current standards.
  • Analytical Key to the Old Testament - citation
  • Analytical Lexicon of the Syriac New Testament: Based on the SEDRA 3 Database of George Anton Kiraz - citation
  • Building Your New Testament Greek Vocabulary 3rd Edition - citation (Also note other errors below)
  • Building Your Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary - citation (Also note other errors below)
  • A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon Second Edition - citation
  • A Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament - citation
  • A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament - citation
  • Consecrated Phrases: A Latin Theological Dictionary -citation
  • The Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament - citation
  • Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament - citation
  • A Greek-English Lexicon - citation
  • Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains - citation
  • The Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, CD-ROM Edition - citation
  • The Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament: Volume 5, Aramaic - citation
  • An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon - citation
  • New American Standard Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries: Updated Edition - citation
  • The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament - citation
  • Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament - citation
  • A Treasury of New Testament Synonyms - citation
  • About half of all books I checked – citation

Individual Resources or groups of resources

  • Apostolic Fathers - all versions need the original authors added to the Author column, like the ECF now have
  • The Apologies of Justin Martyr, to which is Appended the Epistle to Diognetus needs Greek added to Language
  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia : SESB 2.0 Version - BHSSESB and BHSSESB2 have exactly identical metadata. Extremely confusing!
    • This is an odd case, so I’m leaving this explanation here where it’s a little more visible. As you may have guessed, these two resources have the same metadata because they are the same book. It’s the digital equivalent of having two copies on your shelf. Why the duplication? Well, BHSSESB is an older resource, created to be used with Libronix and optimized for that purpose. It’s so old that when faced with the task of updating the code to play nice with Logos 5, it was actually easier to make a new one. Everyone who buys the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia 2.0 gets the new one from here on out, and everyone who already had BHSSESB got BHSSESB2 automatically.
    • Textually, though, they’re identical, hence the identical metadata. If it’s a serious annoyance for you, there are ways to hide resources in your library so you won’t get the double listing. You still own the license for both, and you can unhide a hidden book at any time. ~Hayley Price
  • Christian Apologetics - Vyrso edition is missing subtitle; Logos edition is missing original authors. (Plus they have the modern authors in different order)
  • Josh McDowell’s Unshakable Truth Journey Growth Guides for Adults, hyphen inconsistencies in the titles (Inspired, Created, and Broken all have single hyphen with spaces around it; Forgiven has single hyphen with no spaces around it; Sacrifice, Growing, and Resurrected all have — (em dash) with no spaces around it); not a big deal for functionality but looks sloppy when these titles are grouped together in library)
  • Lexham Septuagints - Rahlfs and Swete should be added to the author column for the versions based on their editions
  • Lexicons with a Language other than English - remove from Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, Abridged BDB
  • The Loeb Classical Library - very inconsistent author column. At least the original author and the translator should always be present. Perhaps editors as well?
  • Old Testament Greek Pseudipigrapha with Morphology needs Greek added to Language
  • Perseus Resources - some resources have pubdate: not following the usual convention of giving a four-digit year but give other date formats, this defies sort or select operations
  • Perseus Resources - some resources have empty pubdate: field
  • Pirke Avot: Timeless Wisdom for Modern Life: Hebrew Text needs Hebrew added to Language
  • Works of John Owen: Volume 17 - language should be “Latin; English” not just Latin; the sermons and discourses are in English


Author Inconsistencies

  • E. A. Abbott == Edwin A. Abbott
  • Ronald B. Allen == Ronald Barclay Allen?
  • Thabiti Anyabwile == Thabiti M. Anyabwile? (possibly a moot point; see above re: Glory Road)
  • J. Barton == John Barton?
  • Raymond Brown == Raymond Edward Brown? (also the names of the two collections of his books refer to him as Raymond E. Brown)
  • T. A. Buckley == Theodore Alois Buckley?
  • Cicero == M. Tullius Cicero
  • Arnold Dallimore == Arnold A. Dallimore?
  • Wayne Grudem == Wayne A. Grudem (seems to be Logos vs. Vyrso with/without A.)
  • Raphael Holinshed == Raphaell Holinshed (see )
  • à Lapide, Cornelius == should be sorted on L, not C
  • Peter Leithart == Peter J. Leithart?
  • D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones == Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • Myron Penner == Myron Bradley Penner?
  • Stuart Sacks == Stuart D. Sacks?
  • Philip Sidney == Sir Philip Sidney?
  • Gordon Smith == Gordon T. Smith
  • Derek Thomas == Derek W. H. Thomas?

Publisher Inconsistencies

  • C. Scribner == Charles Scribner & Co. == Charles Scribner’s Sons?
  • E. Dilly == Edward and Charles Dilly?
  • G. Bell == George Bell and Sons?
  • Ignatius - should be Ignatius Press (change needed on website as well)
  • P. J. Kenedy == P. J. Kenedy & Sons?
  • Robert Carter == Robert Carter & Brothers?
  • Simpkin Marshall == Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.?
  • William Hunt == William Hunt and Company?

Citation Inconsistencies

  • The problem of inconsistencies between footnote citations and general bibliographic citations should now be resolved. Please let us know if you’re still seeing instances of this.

Subject Inconsistencies

  • Aggada == Haggadah == Haggadot
  • Church fathers == Fathers of the church

Missing/Incorrect Subjects

For background to the changes suggested for Commentaries see

  • El Antiguo Testamento: Un Comentario Sobre Su Historia y Literatura should have subjects for each book of the Bible covered.
  • Apologia Pro Vita Sua - subjects should be in English, not part French
  • Bible History:Old Testament - “O.T.—Historical” is incorrect for this commentary. Its Subject should cover the bible books it contains as it doesn’t reflect all the books of the OT.
  • Cosmic Battle and Political Conflict: Studies in Verbal Syntax and Contextual Interpretation of Daniel 8 should include Bible. O.T.Daniel—Commentaries in subject list
  • Ecclesiastical Dictionary: Containing, in Concise Form, Information upon Ecclesiastical, Biblical, Archæological, and Historical Subjects - subjects should be in English, not part French
  • Ecclesiates by Thomas H. Leale should not have Bible. O.T.Song of Solomon—Commentaries in subject list
  • An Elementary Latin Dictionary by Charlton T. Lewis (part of Perseus) should have subject Latin Language—Dictionaries—English like other lexicons (see e.g. Lewis&Short)
  • Escape the Coming Night - remove “Bible. N.T. Revelation” as this is a monograph. Replace with “Book of Revelation” as in God, Order, and Chaos (Finamore).
  • An Exposition on Prayer in the Bible should have subjects for each book of the Bible covered per volume.
  • A Homeric Dictionary by Georg Autenrieth should have subject Greek Language—Dictionaries—English like other lexicons
  • Keyword Learning System - remove O.T. & N.T. as the title covers the whole bible.
  • The Lectionary Commentary should list all the bible books that it covers.
  • Letters from John: A Study Guide to I, II and III John by Mills, M. S. should not have Bible—Commentaries in subject list
  • The Life of Christ: A Study Guide to the Gospel Record - remove N.T.—English and list the bible books that it covers.
  • Passover: The Key that Unlocks the Book of Revelation - add “Book of Revelation” and remove existing Subjects.
  • Philo and Holy Scriptures (2 Vols) – replace O.T.—Quotations with O.T.—Commentaries
  • Preaching in the Russian Church or Lectures and Sermons by a Priest of the Holy Orthodox Church - subjects should be all English, not part transliterated Russian
  • The Private Ministry of Christ should list the bible books that it covers.
  • The Russian Church: Lectures on its History, Constitution, Doctrine, and Ceremonial - subjects should be in English, not German
  • The Second Coming of Christ (Larkin) – add “eschatology”
  • Summarized Bible series (2 volumes) – replace Handbooks, manuals, etc. with Commentaries
  • A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament should have Bible.N.T.—Commentaries in subject list, and should not have Bible.N.T.—Criticism.
  • The Whole Works of the Rev. John Lightfoot - Vol 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 should have subjects for each book of the Bible covered per volume.
  • Word Pictures in the New Testament should have Bible.N.T.—Commentaries in subject list, and should not have Bible—Commentaries and Bible.N.T.—Criticism.
  • The Works of Thomas Goodwin - Vol I and II should have Bible N.T.Ephesians—Commentaries; Vol III should have Bible N.T.Revelation—Commentaries

Commentaries with “bible—handbooks”, “bible—outlines”, “bible—antiquities”, “bible—introductions”, “bible—criticism” should instead list the bible books they contain or state “Bible—Commentaries” if their coverage is complete. NOTE they can be identified by type:commentary ANDNOT subject:(O.T., N.T., Commentaries)
Grammars with O.T. or N.T. e.g. A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar, Greek New Testament Insert, Hebrew Bible Insert -> please remove as per other Grammars.
Lexicons with O.T. or N.T. -> please apply as per commentaries/bibles e.g. O.T. is useful with a Greek lexicon of the Septuagint but don’t apply to lexicons with full coverage.
Any Resource with “Criticism” in the subject. I do not think this is relevant to the majority of resources, especially commentaries. Probably only applies to Bible Apparatus (“textual criticism”) and some Monographs.

Suggested Changes to Logos Standards

Commentaries and Bible Notes Types: Logos’ use of these types is primarily functional rather than descriptive. The Commentary type is broadly defined to include many different kinds of resources that are indexed by Bible verse, while the Bible Notes type is used exclusively for the notes from a Bible (usually study Bible notes). Some users would like to see a more restrictive definition of the Commentary type that would exclude things like:

  • Bible History: Old Testament, Encountering the Book of Romans: A Theological Survey, Holman Bible Handbook, New Manners and Customs of the Bible, Searching for Heaven on Earth (2 x D. Jeremiah), A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament, Word Pictures in the NT, Word Studies in the NT, Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek NT, Holman Concise Bible Commentary, With the Word Bible Commentary, anything with “Study Bible/Guide”, “Studies”, or “Bible Handbook” in its title.

Errors Dependent on a resource update

  • The Complete Works of Thomas Manton, Volume 4 - is a Bible commentary (on James), not monograph. It needs Bible milestones as well.
  • The Complete Works of Thomas Manton, Volume 5 - is a Bible commentary (on Jude), not monograph. It needs Bible milestones as well.
  • The Collected Writings Of W.E. Vine commentary section, should be type:commentary. It needs Bible milestones in order to function as well.
  • Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World should be type “Bible Commentary” and have a Bible index
  • The Messages of the Bible series should all be type:bible-commentary and have Bible indexes. Currently only the volume on the Gospel of John is set up that way.
  • The Life of Christ: A Study Guide to the Gospel Record - TYPE should not be “Bible Commentary” as it is a “Study Guide”.

Cover Images

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to change a book’s cover image once it has been published. The cover image visible in the info pane is embedded in the files, and cannot be replaced without creating new resource files. However, please keep telling us when you find cover images that are missing or incorrect! I promise you we are keeping this list, and are swapping out cover images when we can! ~HP

  • Archaeology Odyssey - missing covers, despite them being in the resource
  • Bible and Spade - missing covers, despite them being in the resource
  • Bible Review - missing covers, despite them being in the resource
  • Biblical Archaeologist missing covers, despite them being in the resource
  • Biblical Archaeology Review is missing covers, despite them being in the resource
  • A Commentary on the Vision of Zechariah the Prophet: Bible Text - a newsly published resource
  • Discipleship Journal - missing covers, despite them being in the resource
  • Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - cover image should be changed to the official one used on the product description page
  • Handbook of Evangelical Theologians - cover image doesn’t match what’s on the website
  • Hermeneia - the two volumes from Upgrade 2 (1 Enoch 2, Psalms 3) have cover images of a different size than the other volumes. The product page seems to indicate they should be the same size.
  • The History of the English Baptists has cover images that prominently say 1811-1830 on them. This makes no sense as that’s not the period the books cover (which is about 1320-1663), nor the period during which the books were published (which was 1738-1740).
  • History of Israel by John Bright needs to have cover art corrected (see ] for correct one; it is using this thumbnail version: ], which is also showing up on the website)
  • Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation by CPH – missing cover image
  • MacArthur’s New Testament Commentary series needs consistent cover images
  • The Marrow of Modern Divinity - correct format on the product page, wrong format in the resource
  • Memoirs of the Life and Writings of John Calvin Description and cover are for a book of the same name by a different author. (Author should be Mackenzie)
  • The Minor Prophets by Hampton Keathley – missing cover image
  • Studies in Revelation by J. Hampton Keathley, III – missing cover image

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