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How can I change my Display Name on the Forum? I tried changing it on my profile page, but the change doesn’t stick.

Follow these steps closely!

1. Go to
2. Sign in if necessary
3. Click on My Account
4. Click on the Profile tab
5. Change the text for Display Name
6. Click Save Changes
7. Now go back to the forums (click Forums at the top of your profile page)
8. Click Edit (at the upper right). The Display Name still won’t show what you changed it to in your profile, which might seem confusing. But you’re doing the right thing and must continue to the next step for it to stick:
9. Click Save down at the bottom and it will update correctly. (A message tells you it might take a few mintutes for the change to take effect, but in my experience it takes effect immediately.)

Note: It is not a good idea to use your email address as your Forum Display Name, as spam bots can pick it up.

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